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New Zealand

San Andreas District Police
San Andreas District Police is the law enforcement agency of the San Andreas District, split into a number of specialized sections.

General Duties

If you call the Police, it's most likely beat and/ or patrol staff who will be the first to respond.

Whether it's walking the beat in busy downtown streets, patrolling the suburbs or answering calls for help in smaller towns or larger cities - the beat and patrol staff are the visible face of policing in San Andreas District.

Beat and patrol staff have the most diverse role in San Andreas Police District. The role is divided between proactive policing, where officers patrol or take other measures to detect and prevent crime, and responding to calls for service.

In any given shift, section constables might help prevent street disorder, deal with a lost child, investigate reports of a stolen motor vehicle, and attend a family violence incident or a serious road crash.

They can also be called on to police major sporting or other public events, and respond to a myriad of other incidents and calls for help.

Preparing arrest files for any of the thousands of offences that are in the New Zealand statute books is also part of their role.

Skills required: Officers must have sound judgement and good people skills, as they are often involved in difficult, confrontational or dangerous situations.

Road Policing

Road Policing teams provide a highly visible police presence, these units patrol the roads of the San Andreas District, conducting Highway Patrol, Strategic Traffic Units, Traffic Alcohol Groups and Serious Crash units. these units act as a deterrent to those who wish to flout road laws.

Dog Section

Dog Section, commonly known as Delta, provide tracking and tactical options in locating and detaining offenders who have fled from scenes.

Air Support “Eagle” unit

The Air Support unit provide an airborne observation platform, from their vantage point in the sky the crew are able to coordinate the operations of ground units, once the aircrew have visual contact with their targets they can maneuver ground units into position to best deal with the incident.

Armed Offenders Squad

The AOS provide Police with the means of effectively and more safely responding to and resolving situations involving an actual or threatened use of firearms against members of the public or Police.