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San Andreas Police Force
The mission of the San Andreas Police Force is:

To ensure that San Andreas remains one of the safest and most stable societies in the world

The SAPF is split into two directorates, Field Operations and Specialist Operations.

Field Operations

Police Districts

The Police Districts are based on geographical coverage, wherein the Los Santos City Police District command provides policing operations within the central business district of Los Santos, the immediate surrounding suburbs, and the greater hills dividing the state.

Rural and remote communities are the responsibility of the Lakes Police District, servicing the townships of Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, Paleto Bay, Harmony, and all in-between.

Traffic & Highway Patrol

The Traffic and Highway Patrol command services the State’s network of highways and roadways, and subsequent enforcement of road law. Focused on traffic enforcement, Traffic & Highway Patrol can often be the first response to major incidents across the state thanks to flexibility and mobility of teams.

Specialist Operations

State Protection Group

The State Protection Group (SPG) is the tactical arm of the SAPF. Within the SPG command sits highly skilled and trained units ready to respond to major incidents across the state. Units include, Police Aviation, Police Rescue, Public Order & Riot Squad and the Dog Squad.

State Crime Command

The State Crime Command (SCC) is responsible for the criminal investigations of major and serious crimes within the state of San Andreas. The SCC has three units to work on targeted crimes, the Major Crimes Unit, Homicide Squad and the Gangs Squad.